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Levels & Fees


As we celebrate our 1st Season we are offering a 15% OFF Discount for ALL studios and/or independent dancers that would like to attend ANY of this season's events.


Just use the  "Studio Coupon Code" above when you register/check out. 

This discount code can be applied to Early, Regular & Late Registrations.


This Rebate Program is only allowed for Studios.  Independent entries are not eligible.

Studios must have a minimum of 15 attending dancers to qualify for the rebate.

Additionally, Full Payment must be received before

the “LATE TUITION” date associated with the city stop, in order to qualify for rebate.


If your studio qualifies for our Rebate Program, you will receive 10% Rebate check

made payable to the studio, onsite at the event.


ages 6-9


ages 10-12


ages 13+

Late Tuition 



**This is only a suggested age recommendation. It is up to the discretion of the teacher, who knows the capabilities of each individual student, to determine the proper placement.


**While dancers may participate in any room, if a dancer moves down an age category, they are only eligible for scholarships if they are within one year of the age category for the room. For instance, a 14 year old who elects to dance in a 10-12 room will not be eligible for scholarship. Dancers who choose to move an age level up will be eligible for scholarships.


**Please note that rooms and average ages may be adjusted and/or combined based on registration. At all events, convention levels are subject to change based on the registration.

General Payment Information

  • Participating Teachers ages 18+ should register for the ADV/PRO Division

    • Non-participating Studio Owners & Directors should register as a Teacher, and will receive the Teacher Rate:
      ​$50 (early), $65 (full), $80 (late).

  • Tuition Rates above do not include general sales tax in the following states:    Iowa, West Virginia, New Mexico, South Dakota, Hawaii and New Jersey.

    • Additionally there is a 5% credit card processing fee for all online credit card payments.

  • Personal and studio checks are not accepted. A cashier’s check or money order is the preferred payment.

    • All non-credit card payments should be made payable to FLEUR Dance Convention.

    • ​Payments must be postmarked by the deadline. A grace period of 3 days will be allowed for certified funds to arrive.

    • All tuition pricing is determined by the date the payment is received, not the date registered.

Cashier's Checks and Money Order Payments should be mailed to the following address:
FLEUR Dance Convention

295 NW Commons Lp. Ste. 115-145

Lake City, FL 32055



FLEUR  takes pride in offering attendees a space where they are free to explore their passion for dance in the most nurturing and supportive environment possible.

At FLEUR, our most important goal is to provide dancers’ the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone, challenge their natural & artistic tendencies, while furthering the technical foundation that has been fostered at their home studios.  In order to do so, we have found that by removing Observers from our dancers’ rooms, that our participants stay focused in all classes, are eager to explore musicality & performance in a more vulnerable way, and have the true freedom to immerse themselves within the space alongside the guidance of our esteemed team of mentors in a way that truly supports  an environment where they can pursue, persevere, and achieve more effective & efficiently during our time together.

While this may be difficult to understand and/or hard to process for those that may be truly hands on with their dancer(s).  At FLEUR, we truly believe the adoption of this policy will not only allow us to further our goal of creating the most nurturing and supportive dance environment possible, but it will also help us to ensure the dance experience at FLEUR is the safest it can be for all of our attendees.

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